Lata didi with her Felt. Ray of hope it is!

The meet of hope

After the success of the first phase of our training, we were expecting at least four women the next day in the office, but guess what? We had 7 women in the office ready to join the Self Help group.

Meeting starts!
Meeting starts!

To top it all, Lata didi tried making felt at home and that was perfect! It was just a day after the training and people were already taking the initiative. It was like the universe was finally giving us a sign that something good will happen.

Lata didi with her Felt. Ray of hope it is!
Lata didi with her Felt. Ray of hope it is!

We proceeded with the meeting. We again did the cap making activity with them to make them understand the division of labor and the benefits of working in a group.

Engrossed in the activity
Engrossed in the activity

After a long round of debrief and Q&As, we finally started with our Bye Laws. Bye Laws are the set of rules that are required to form a Self Help Group (SHG). It lays down the structure of the group and the division of roles and responsibilities. It facilitates the creation of rules. We discussed the basic Bye laws with them and came up with the name of the group. They decided to call the group “Tirthan Valley Mahila Samuh”.

De-brief after the activity
De-brief after the activity

They also collectively decided on the meeting procedures, dates, amount to be deposited every month by every member. The remaining part needed a collaboration of all the members and since all of them were not present in the meeting, they invited us to Tindar the other day in order to finish the group formation.

Quoting Shikha, “The meeting had a lot of positive vibes”. These women are really enthusiastic about the project. After they left, we sat down to have a debrief of the meeting with the Presidency group. They gave us some really good feedbacks and also gave great ideas to take the thing forward.

Making the "topi"
Making the “topi”

Tomorrow we trek to Tindar! We hope we make an SHG before leaving.


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