Up and ready for sale!

So,we all know about the meeting that happened yesterday and how it turned out. We expected a minimum of 7 women but we got only 4 out of which one refused to continue working as she had to handle her child. Frankly speaking, we got very scared initially but now we feel that it is better. With a lesser number of women, we can train them better in all the soft skills as well. Most of it they know already and the ladies who have agreed to stay with us can be amazing leaders; they just need a little push. The cap activity worked out really great for us; they realized the importance of sharing the responsibilities and the power of co-ordination.

Meeting with Kulthi women regarding the project
Cap activity with Kulthi women

Today was a big day. Why? Well, because of two major things: one was our labels were finally ready and we finally got our very first packaged balm, the second was that our shop has set up and things have actually started moving in a good direction.

Done setting up the banner
Done setting up the banner

The only down side of this entire scene was that only Indira didi turned up today to make the balms. Durga didi and Nima didi had some family priorities.

Indra didi making balm
Indra didi making balm

Anyways, with Indira didi, we made more balms and this time we had our labels of HET to stick on it. I know it sounds really trivial but trust me, it’s a great joy to see your product finally ready to be sold! Yes, our balms are finally up for sale and so are our Apricot oils.

Apricot oil
Apricot oil

We almost had tears in our eyes when we saw the balm with the label on it. The best part was Indira didi’s reaction, she felt so proud.

Natural Skin Repairing Balm
Natural Skin Repairing Balm

This is the moment in life when we actually felt that we are doing something meaningful. Right now, it’s us supporting them but after just a few days they will be the ladies making the products and selling them on their own. We can imagine how much confidence it will instill in them and how with that confidence these 3 ladies would be making history. That is the vision of this project and we hope to prepare the platform for it before leaving.

We were still cherishing this when the best part of the day happened. We had customers on our very first day of opening. What else could we ask for! All of us were super excited to welcome them.

Our very first customers Mr. Rajeev Gupta and his son Karthik
Our very first customers Mr. Rajeev Gupta and his son Karthik

Our very first customers were Mr. Rajeev Gupta and his little son Karthik. Mr. Rajeev bought a balm from HEC and his son was our very first customer of the nutrition shop. He liked the mango shake made by Shikha Ben. It was an amazing experience talking to Mr. Gupta and our baby bway Pratham also got some valuable suggestions from him, he being a lawyer in Delhi. His son reminded us of our kids and what an amazing kid he was! Pratham got a “Bear Hug” from him. His face was brighter than a 100 W bulb!

Our beloved
Our beloved “Chhutku” Pratham with his big smile!

Today is the day when we saw the HEC take it’s baby steps. Small starts lead to big events. Now, no matter what the future holds for our project, we are ready to face anything. As they say, it’s just the beginning!

Tomorrow, we add a new page to Tirthan Tales! Stay tuned!

In case you are interested in knowing more about our product, please send us a mail at himalayanecocreations@gmail.com.


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