Riding in the mini truck

Sunday! Watte Day!

Sunday was a day of a lot of important yet invisible work. The day started with us leaving Anna’s house with a lot of stuff for the office and reaching Gushaini in a mini truck full of vegetables. Shikha enjoyed the ride the most as she got tomatoes as her breakfast. She had other options too like cucumber, banana, onions etc. It was a fun ride. Tryphena also got her first adventurous ride and she loved it.

Riding in the mini truck
Riding in the mini truck and Shikha having Tomato as her breakfast

We reached the office at around 10:45 a.m. It was Anna’s day off, so only us interns were at the office. All of a sudden, Shikha Ben decided to clean the office and we all joined in.

Shikha ben on "Safai Abhiyan"
Shikha ben on “Safai Abhiyan”

We have already cleaned the office thrice since the day we came but it still needed a lot cleaning. So, Shikha became the “Jhaadu” samurai and Killian and Yohan helped her clean our lab. I, Tryphena and Pratham took over the kitchen.

Washing utensils. Tryphena washing the "Kettle of Death"! Braveheart!
Washing utensils. Tryphena washing the “Kettle of Death”! Braveheart!

A lot of running around, dust, shifting stuff from here to there and in the midst of this chaos we found a sheet of bubble wraps and we all know what happens when we see a bubble wrap.

Finding bubble wrap. Oh! the happiness
Finding bubble wrap. Oh! the happiness

So, it led to a war over bubble wrap and after ripping it to shreds we all realized that we had wasted a lot of time and we better finish cleaning because a lot of planning was due after that.

Being tortured
Being tortured over the bubble wrap

After cleaning the space and having the much awaited lunch, we all got back to our work. I and Shikha at our project, Killian, Yohan and Pratham experimented with their stove and Tryphena got back to the work assigned by Anna.

Working on the stove
Talking to our Shop wale uncle and getting his point of view about the stove

The work was followed by the customary evening chai but this time prepared at the office only.

Chai on stove!
Chai ready!

We also cooked dinner on our own. It wasn’t that good but there is always some room for improvement.

So overall, it was a very chilled out Sunday. We loved it!


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